The Life of Nimbus…

September 9th, 2007

Nimbus adjusts to island life in his own way.


He finds a variety of places to rest and relax.


But never far from a head scratch or belly rub…


Seaplane Adventures

September 6th, 2007

On Wednesday, we traveled to St. Thomas to see Hannah and Ollie. We traveled by seaplane for the first time.


It is quite different from normal commercial air travel, a welcome throwback to simpler days. One needs only to arrive within 30 minutes of departure and check in. Free parking to boot!


The cabin is rather small, accommodating only a dozen passengers. The seats are rather narrow!

landing stt

The flight is a quick 20 minutes in the air to cover the 40 miles. This is a pic of the St Thomas cruise ship pier at Havensight. Hannah picked us up right on time and we headed to the condo.


The condo is an upstairs unit on the side of the mountain in an area called Frenchman’s Bay.

hannah hose

Here is Hannah helping with a “daddy-do” which is one of the reasons for the trip, to fix a few issues with the condo.


This is Hannah’s cat, Mocko.

stx from stt

From the condo, one has a nice view to the south with St Croix in the distance on the horizon. So we can see one another from across the way.


This is the marine science center at the University of the VI where Hannah is attending grad school to earn a masters.


Not a bad location to have to go to school…



seaplane landing

We returned to St Croix this evening via seaplane again.

The Jungle…

September 5th, 2007

We are off to St. Thomas today via the seaplane. Lets hope the wings stay on! We’ll be back tomorrow evening.


This little section of the north shore gets enough rainfall to be classified as “rain forest”. It reminds me of 17 Yard Drive in Los Osos.



Further east is a land crab village. These guys get pretty big eventually.

New Cruzan!

September 4th, 2007

Doug Bend ,shown here with us at Savant on Tuesday is a recent arrival on St. Croix. He is best friends with a friend of ours, David Hancock whom we have know since he was 4. Doug took a job on island with one of the local judges. Welocme to STX Doug!

070904 doug

Cane Bay Dive Shop Treasure Hunt!

September 3rd, 2007

On Labor Day weekend, one of the local north shore dive shops hosts an event called a Treasure Hunt.


They “seed” the reef with about 100 of these washers. If you find one, you gain an entry into the prize drawing which is held on Monday. So on Sunday morning, I went scuba diving to find a washer.

070903 cbth1

The give-away is quite a party. I won a snorkel gear bag which is a nice prize.

Here are a couple of pics from the dive.

fish sign

These are schooling little fish like the ones featured in “Nemo”. They did not spell out anything for me but they were fun to watch. I have never seen them before.



“Garden Eels” live in large colonies in the sandy bottomed areas.


A Trigger Fish, not too common around here.

Domino Club on Sunday afternoons…

September 3rd, 2007

Here are a few photos of people at the Domino Club where we usuall go on Sunday afternoons for a while to socialize.

080902 dc1

Amanda, B’Nut and Eric

o70902 dc2

Kate, Coby and Cassia

070902 dc3

Who dey?

A brief trip to STX…

September 2nd, 2007

Karin arrived from California on August 28th and I flew in from Wisconsin on the 1st of September. It will be only a brief visit as we’ll be heading to Pittsburgh soon for work. All on STX is pretty much the same. Hurrican Dean missed us by quite a ways so no issue there. Felix is going to wreak havoc in Central America in the next few days. Lets hope it subsides some.

Hannah moved to St Thomas a few weeks ago. We waved to her this morning as one can see STT from our house on a clear day.

070901 stt

St Thomas as seen from St Croix

Hannah’s condo is about mid island and faces the south so she can see us too. The Google Earth coordinates of the condo are: North 18,19,29,73 by West 64,54,08,55.