Ted’s getting the hang of it….

November 27th, 2007


It looks to me as if Ted is getting the hang of relaxing….. twice now in the past couple of days he’s managed to fall asleep on the beach. Good Job.

I ran errands – Ted did some work. Late afternoon we worked at moving the jungle back on the north side of the property. We’ve filled the pickup for the 2nd time with brush. We could do at least 2 more full loads if we are ambitious. The tenants are avid fisher-people. We came back from pizza at Off The Wall to find one each from both sides of the house collaborating on technique. They had caught a small snapper and an eel. They threw the eel back. The snapper is dinner for one of them.

Rust op Twist – Slave Ruins

November 26th, 2007

ruinsWe were reading the real estate magazines the other day and noticed that the Slave Ruins over at the plantation estate are up for sale. The ad stated that the ruins had been cleared. We’ve never been able to go in and wander/explore them as the brush has always been way too thick. So of course – we tromped on over this morning. The “lot” is thick with the ruins. It’s hard to imagine a buildable plot there as I can’t think that the officials will tolerate any demolition of the ruins.

So we explored and enjoyed ourselves. I found a bit of chaney.

Back again….

November 25th, 2007


Ted – relaxing on the beach! All is well here. It’s very different not having the Bekka along with us. We miss both Bekka and Nimbus. But with the short trip – it did not make good sense. The property looks good. The truck is working fine. And the plumbing leak we were looking forward (?) to – was there – but is not there now. So all play and little work. I’m ready!

Thanksgiving 2007 – On-Island

November 22nd, 2007

I started this trip the Sunday before Thanksgiving! Ted had been working in Florida and the Gray family had planned a belated birthday for Ted the more Senior to take place Thanksgiving. I flew into Tampa and met up with Ted. He finished up his work and we made our way over to the DeLand area (near Daytona) to visit with my sister and all her family for a day or so. We stopped on the way and enjoyed an excellent dinner at Emeril’s restaurant in Universal City in Orlando! YUM.



So in DeLand we visited with Deb and Elizabeth and Liz’s daughter Vanessa. Had dinner with the entire family – Deb had to work – so everyone but Deb and also Jeremy was not able to make it. It was great. We had a good time! Liz made arrangements to have Brittany – Jeremy’s daughter for the day so that we could meet her. The two little girls here – Vanessa is the littler one – on the left. She’s just a year old. Brittany is a year older. Two little girls in Pink!

We left Wednesday after breakfast with Debby – went to Ft. Lauderdale airport to pick up Hannah.

We had a great Thanksgiving over in Naples with the Gray clan. Everyone was there – Thack & Yelena, Scarlett and Jim, Hannah, Tim and Pim, Ted the more Senior and Ted and I. You have to take my word for it – because no one took ANY PICTURES! Unbelievable.

We left for the island early Saturday morning. Flew over to San Juan with Hannah and parted ways there – she back to St. Thomas.