North Shore Route

November 24th, 2006

The north shore of St Croix is one of the more popular cycling venues on the island due to its mix of terrain, low traffic and tolerable road conditions.

north shore route


From one end of the road to the other is just a hair under 8 miles with our house conveniently positioned at the half way point. This aerial view looks to the west, so east is at the bottom of the picture.

little big sur

I usually start out by heading east, up through little Big Sur. Its the highest part of the route topping out at probably 150′ of elevation. The climb is pretty gentle but challenging enough to get the blood pumping. The switchbacks make it interesting




Sometime in the last six months, these little yellow signs have appeared. I’d bet the local triathlon people put them up. This road is on the route of the Half Iron Man triathlon which is run in May. The turn around is 3.9 miles from the house, so the return trip through little Big Sur is over by 8 miles into the ride.



The road winds west along the shoreline with no further big hills. At about mile 10 is the start of the “Beast”. It is a 1.2 mile nasty climb up and over the mountain with one switchback in the middle. I have ridden up it once or twice to say that I have done it. Its like Old Creek at its steepest.

end road



Fortunately, one can avoid the Beast and cruise on to the end of the road at the entrance to the Carabola Beach resort. From there its back east to the Cane Bay Beach Bar for a cup o’ joe.

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