Back on island

February 24th, 2007

Ted and I arrived back on island today at about noon. It’s beautiful here… Hannah picked us up at the airport – Nimbus settled right in! Bekka was glad to see us! She is well taken care of and a very happy dog.
So it was unpacking, taking stock (the usual gallery tour around the house) – a late lunch at Cane Bay. The news there is the Cane Bay Beach Bar owners bought up Off the Wall. Diana’s last day there was today – she returns to Off the Wall tomorrow (I imagine in a management role).

And that’s about it. Hannah and Ollie are well. We are all going to Savant to dinner – meeting up with Jill and Niko (who is working) and perhaps Bennet and Amanda too. We’ll keep you posted!

hannah bekka

Look at that happy and adoring dog!

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