Off Island :(

March 15th, 2007

Ted and I, Nimbus and Bekka have finally arrived in Pittsburgh – as of 1am this morning. To the condo by 1:30ish. We were scheduled in by evening on Monday…. Fun with airplanes! Monday morning they had some unknown/unstated delay from St. Croix to San Juan that would have had us miss our San Juan connection to Chicago (and onward to Pittsburgh). We rescheduled to Tuesday at 12:30. They had some mechanical on the Chicago flight from San Juan – before we even left St. Croix they were already more than an hour behind – meaning we would have had to overnight in Chicago…. so a no-go again. Wednesday – finally – all seemed fine. We did well too – until Chicago. First there was a delay posted. Then posted for more delay. Then a gate change. Then sitting on the plane at the gate for an hour plus. Then they were overweight and 3 people had to get off of the airplane. Then it started to sleet and they had to get the de-icer truck. Jeez. There you go…..

Nim and Bekka are fine. Bekka was a bit nervous this morning as Ted and I were getting ready for work… “Where’s the stick pile? No coffee out on the water today guys?” Poor Bekka. Both Nim and Bekka are amazingly versatile. Such good travelers.

This morning was raining to beat the band and 36 degrees F. What a difference. It’s supposed to be snowing and/or sleeting by this evening. Such fun!

See you.

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