We’re Back! (… well most of us are back….)

June 18th, 2007

Nimbus, Bekka and I are back on Island! We arrived Saturday noon to typical early summer weather – Warm, breezy, big white puffy clouds….. Oh – wait a minute – that’s pretty much typical weather all the time!

Ted arrives on Friday – I miss him.

B-nut had called earlier in the week and we made plans to meet at Savant for dinner Saturday evening – perfect! Dreads was cooking and came out to visit later. Bennet brought me a huge grocery sack of ripe mangos…… Sunday was spent making making fruit salad, mango scones and mango butter…. :)


There was a tiny little crescent moon setting into the ocean last night as I went to bed…


And as you can see – all’s as it should be….


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