Rust op Twist – Slave Ruins

November 26th, 2007

ruinsWe were reading the real estate magazines the other day and noticed that the Slave Ruins over at the plantation estate are up for sale. The ad stated that the ruins had been cleared. We’ve never been able to go in and wander/explore them as the brush has always been way too thick. So of course – we tromped on over this morning. The “lot” is thick with the ruins. It’s hard to imagine a buildable plot there as I can’t think that the officials will tolerate any demolition of the ruins.

So we explored and enjoyed ourselves. I found a bit of chaney.

3 Responses to “Rust op Twist – Slave Ruins”

  1. Liz Soldwedel Says:

    Nice to see this photo…I lived in the house back in 1994…and remember the pigs that would come out of the trees around 5pm and eat the dog’s food…every once in a while….horses would run through…Thanks for the memories…

  2. John Vorhes Says:

    My parents lived on plot 128 near the top of Rust op twist estates from 1968 until 2000. I remember the ruins well and the great steam machinery in the plantation ruins. I suspected the equipment was very complete although rusted through. The slave quarters were falling apart even then, I think Hugo knocked some walls over. The mill on the hill almost turned into a wedding chapel by Candy Dyer who owned the place for years with her husband George. Still a nice idea. The windmill should really be restored but the swamp around it seems a problem. There was a big pond there during Danish times, the out flew on the beach is still there isn’t it?

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