To Float, or Not To Float…

November 21st, 2006

A beautiful day in paradise. Hannah and I did some shopping in town this morning. Saw some of the usual suspects… Learned that there is a Jump-Up on Friday and it’s Starving Artists on Sunday at Whim.

Jump-up is an open house sort-of in town. The restaurants will have tables set up on the street with drinks and small bits of food you can buy and sample. There will be some craft vendors. All of the stores will be open late. There will be lots of music on the street – steel drums on several corners. Quelbe bands. And of course – the Jumbies. We’ll take some pics and share on Friday.

Starving Artists is an arts and crafts fair that they do several times a year. It’s fun and social.


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I took Bekka down to Cane Bay to float and throw the stick – her story is on the Bekka Fan Club site…




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