June 28th, 2007

june28 sunset

The Sahara dust plume passing through creates some fantastic sunsets.

Sunday Afternoon Kayak

June 24th, 2007

Ted and Bekka enjoyed a short kayak…..


June 24 Kayak

Ted eventually kayaked down to Cane Bay – I drove down with all chairs and cooler…. Bnut and his kids met us down there for an afternoon of fun in the sun! We made our way up to Miss Norma’s and some Mama-Wannas – met up with Jeff and Shera and little Malia.

Can’t think of much to complain about!

Ted’s here!

June 22nd, 2007

Ted arrived today! He’s well and ready to get relaxed. Travel was not a problem. Hannah’s box of dive gear (last minute order she had sent to the Pittsburgh office for him to bring on down) arrived late – but intact.

We are off to dinner shortly. Tomorrow Ted and Hannah have a dive in the morning. Weather is beautiful.

I’ve been working pretty seriously on the vacant North Unit downstairs. Painting and minor repairs. I’ve had good help from Ollie and some from Hannah too – they took on the chore of painting the ironwork gate on the streetside. I’ve left Ted some “Honey-does” – both ceiling fan fixtures need some repair or replacement.




Riding off into the sunset…

June 20th, 2007

After working hard all day Tuesday at the vacant north unit (painting, cleaning, repairing…) I was off to Off the Wall for a sunset shot and a slice of pizza for dinner. Ollie and Hannah said to go along and they would follow up behind me.

Ollie eventually walks in to Off the Wall – but no Hannah – She was out across the road with Steve the Horse Guy going for a sunset ride!


Steve had called her just after I left the house and suggested a ride! How fun for her! They did literally ride off into the sunset – down to Cane Bay and just beyond.

We’re Back! (… well most of us are back….)

June 18th, 2007

Nimbus, Bekka and I are back on Island! We arrived Saturday noon to typical early summer weather – Warm, breezy, big white puffy clouds….. Oh – wait a minute – that’s pretty much typical weather all the time!

Ted arrives on Friday – I miss him.

B-nut had called earlier in the week and we made plans to meet at Savant for dinner Saturday evening – perfect! Dreads was cooking and came out to visit later. Bennet brought me a huge grocery sack of ripe mangos…… Sunday was spent making making fruit salad, mango scones and mango butter…. :)


There was a tiny little crescent moon setting into the ocean last night as I went to bed…


And as you can see – all’s as it should be….


Like a Jack Ass in an F150…

March 18th, 2007

… Sometimes you just have to enjoy the ride.
Dsc 0041
2007-03-18 10-22-16 (1)

Even if you really didn’t want to get in.

Dsc 0032 Dsc 0035-3 Dsc 0036-1

Off Island :(

March 15th, 2007

Ted and I, Nimbus and Bekka have finally arrived in Pittsburgh – as of 1am this morning. To the condo by 1:30ish. We were scheduled in by evening on Monday…. Fun with airplanes! Monday morning they had some unknown/unstated delay from St. Croix to San Juan that would have had us miss our San Juan connection to Chicago (and onward to Pittsburgh). We rescheduled to Tuesday at 12:30. They had some mechanical on the Chicago flight from San Juan – before we even left St. Croix they were already more than an hour behind – meaning we would have had to overnight in Chicago…. so a no-go again. Wednesday – finally – all seemed fine. We did well too – until Chicago. First there was a delay posted. Then posted for more delay. Then a gate change. Then sitting on the plane at the gate for an hour plus. Then they were overweight and 3 people had to get off of the airplane. Then it started to sleet and they had to get the de-icer truck. Jeez. There you go…..

Nim and Bekka are fine. Bekka was a bit nervous this morning as Ted and I were getting ready for work… “Where’s the stick pile? No coffee out on the water today guys?” Poor Bekka. Both Nim and Bekka are amazingly versatile. Such good travelers.

This morning was raining to beat the band and 36 degrees F. What a difference. It’s supposed to be snowing and/or sleeting by this evening. Such fun!

See you.

Equinox approaching

March 13th, 2007

As the vernal equinox approaches, the location of the sunset changes quite noticeably from day to day.

3 sunsets

Bike Route Keep Left!

March 12th, 2007


There is a fairly active contingent of bicyclists here, probably due to the St. Croix Half Ironman Triathlon which is held in May every year. I see roadies out almost every day.


This section of road along the north shore is on the triathlon route. I call it little Big Sur as it is reminiscent of the terrain there, albeit on a smaller scale.

Saturday…. the day before the last day….

March 10th, 2007

It was an interesting day. Taking care of odds and ends. Hannah and Ollie have decided to get kittens – so we all trooped off to the shelter.

Molly 2


This little girl is called Molly and was Hannah’s pick. She is sweet and has a big purr. Ollie’s choice is a very energetic marmalade boy – who is named Tiger. His newspaper bedding was in shreds! He’s quite a pistol! I think Ollie is considering that Tiger is a good moniker – Hannah is thinking of naming her little girl Mango…. but we’ll see how it all ends up.

The kitties are awaiting some vet care at the shelter – Hannah and Ollie are hoping early next week for a homecoming!

And there was even time for some “Subi” maintenance….. Hannah and Ted were cleaning and putzing with Hannah and Ollie’s new (1996) Suburu Legacy.


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